Build Value

Whether you want to sell now, next year, a decade from now, or pass on the business to family or key employees, you need to build your business into a valuable asset for the future. The key to a successful sale is proper preparation. Our team is prepared to walk you through this process, helping you to assess value, set and track goals, and improve performance. We believe that a business owner can greatly improve their chances for success when taking the first step of assessing and building value.

The Value Builder System is a statistically proven methodology designed to improve the value of a privately held business. At the core of the system is The Value Builder Score, complete a 13 minute questionnaire that evaluates a business on the eight core value drivers acquirers take into consideration when buying companies.

The Value Builder Score provides a comprehensive assessment of the “Sellability” of your business. After analyzing more than 55,000+ businesses, analysts at The Value Builder System have discovered that companies with a Value Builder Score of 80+ received offers that are 71% higher than the average-scoring business.

We invite you to take The Value Builder Score questionnaire, an interactive tool offering a comprehensive assessment of the value of your business by analyzing your company across eight different value drivers. In less than 15 minutes, you will receive an overall Value Builder Score out of 100, plus your individual score on the eight key drivers of value.