Selling a Business

Successfull Business Owners

Building a business is more than turning the open sign on at the beginning of the day, and locking up shop at close. Building a business is creating a legacy, building a team that you trust and assisting a client base to fulfill a need. We understand the work and passion that it takes to create a legacy, and the tedious, difficult, and sometimes terrifying process of passing along that legacy to a new owner.

Our team at The Liberty Group of Nevada, Inc., works with each seller to develop a customized marketing plan, made up of eight steps, to ensure a successful sale of your business.

1. Evaluation
The first step towards the successful sale of your business is an objective analysis of its strengths, weaknesses and industry trends. This would also include an evaluation of current market conditions in Northern Nevada.

2. Price and Conditions
We will provide a professional pricing strategy based on your estimation of your company’s worth and our experience with actual sales. Our recommendation will include the actual sales price, as well as a down payment amount and the recommended terms.

3. Marketing
Utilizing confidential systems and procedures, your business will be immediately available for review by both local and national buyers. We utilize a multi-layered approach which includes outreach to our established network, actively prospecting for strategic and financial buyers and online marketing, including our own website and national websites.

4. Buyer Qualifications
Separating serious buyers from curious “lookers” is an art. We will make every effort to confirm a buyer’s financial ability and interest before we introduce your business to them. To maintain confidentiality, all prospective buyers must provide background information about themselves and sign a non-disclosure agreement before we introduce your business.

5. Introducing Your Business
We will create a comprehensive file on your business that includes an overview of your business, tax returns, profit and loss statements, copies of all leases, key employee profiles, equipment lists, etc. Early, full disclosure of your business’ strengths and challenges, coupled with a responsive appreciation of a buyer’s concerns, will open the door for further discussions.

6. Negotiations
Our techniques have been proven through numerous completed transactions and satisfied clients. We recommend both parties consult with accountants and attorneys to ensure a purchase agreement document is based on practical applications of legal and tax issues.

7. Contracts
We utilize clear, concise documents that have been reviewed by transaction attorneys which are designed to protect both the buyer and the seller.

8. Close of Escrow
Following the execution of the purchase agreement, we will arrange escrow, oversee the closing preparations, arrange the closing meeting, and follow-up on post-closing procedures.