Why Use Us?

Our People

Our team of experienced brokers has strong connections within the business communities of Nevada and Northern California. We provide expert guidance for business sales across a wide range of industries and hold honesty, integrity, and confidentiality as our core values. Our commitment to our clients’ success and building long-lasting relationships based on trust and professionalism is unwavering.


We have a diverse team. Our agents have experience in various fields such as business, government, agriculture, project management, technology, distribution, appraisal and sales. This broad range of expertise enables us to quickly understand the businesses that we work with and the needs and priorities of potential acquirers.

Mergers and

The Liberty Group of Nevada sells privately held businesses. Our clients benefit from our depth of experience and confidential marketing of their businesses to our network of corporate strategic buyers, private equity groups, and high net worth individuals.

Inventory of

We have an extensive inventory of quality businesses for sale in Northern Nevada and California. A large number of listings can help sell properties faster by increasing visibility and providing buyers with more options. This creates a sense of urgency and competition among buyers. A large inventory of listings also provides the opportunity to cross sell leading to a quicker sale.


Our marketing services for business opportunities prioritize confidentiality and utilize our extensive database of qualified buyers, as well as industry-leading websites to reach the widest possible audience. Additional marketing strategies are available based on your specific needs, preferences and goals. Our tailored approach to marketing your business ensures that we work closely with you to achieve a successful business sale transaction.

Value Builder System

The Value Builder System assesses a business on eight key value drivers that buyers typically consider when purchasing a business. We strongly recommend that business owners begin preparing their business for sale 3-5 years in advance, and that’s where Value Builder Consulting comes in. We offer a comprehensive assessment of your business’s “sellability,” along with practical recommendations to enhance its overall value. With our expert guidance, you can take the necessary steps to position your business for success in any future sales or transitions.

Confidential Pricing Analysis and Market Research

The Liberty group of Nevada strives to help our clients maximize their business’s appeal to potential buyers by providing reliable analysis to ensure that pricing is both accurate and appropriate. Our Confidential Pricing Analysis, relies on empirical data and industry trends. It enables us to make well-informed pricing and transaction recommendations. We use several industry leading databases of closed transactions categorized by SIC and NAICS, which further enhance our ability to provide valuable insights to our clients.

Monthly Buyer

Every month we distribute two e-newsletters to our large database of qualified buyers, communicating industry information, advice and featured listings. This regular and consistent communication ensures that our list of qualified will see your listing.

Financing Options and
SBA Financing

We provide an easy-to-use link for prospective buyers to learn how to purchase a business with retirement funds without taking a distribution or incurring penalties. This option offers the benefit of a larger pool of financially qualified buyers looking at your business listing.