Our licensed business brokers understand the complexity that comes with purchasing a business, as well as the excitement of becoming an entrepreneur or growing your existing portfolio. We assist our buyers in finding a business that matches their needs and helps them accomplish their goals.

Our team at The Liberty Group of Nevada, Inc. works with each buyer to develop a customized plan to ensure a successful transaction.

1. Evaluation
The first step towards a successful transaction is evaluating your needs and desires in purchasing a business. Understanding your goals, strengths, experience and criteria will enable us to assist in finding a business opportunity that accomplishes your objectives.

2. Price and Conditions
Our team will work with you to assess the pricing and conditions that best fit your specific situation.

3. Marketing Strength
By working with The Liberty Group of Nevada, Inc., a buyer has access to confidential listings throughout our established network, online marketing of listings, including our own website and national websites, and national industry specific journals and publications.

4. Qualification
We work with you to confirm your financial ability and interest in a business. To maintain confidentiality, all prospective buyers must provide background information about themselves and sign a non-disclosure agreement. This process allows you as a buyer to come to the table with strong and proven credibility, assisting in the overall timeline and success of a transaction.

5. Negotiations
Our techniques have been proven through numerous completed transactions and satisfied clients. We recommend both parties consult with accountants and attorneys to ensure an Agreement to Purchase document that is based on practical applications of legal and tax issues.

6. Contracts
We utilize clear, concise documents that have been reviewed by transaction attorneys which are designed to protect both the buyer and the seller.

8. Close of Escrow
Following the execution of the Agreement to Purchase, we will arrange escrow, oversee the closing preparations, arrange the closing meeting, and follow-up on post-closing procedures.