Business Valuation

The question on every business owner’s mind, what is my business worth? A confidential pricing analysis from The Liberty Group of Nevada, Inc., offers a pragmatic overview of the value of your business.

Our professional Broker Price Opinion gives clear and concise information assisting in:

  • Making pricing recommendations
  • Suggesting key deal structure points
  • Exploring how SBA financing could help you
  • Explaining the mystery of a business multiple
  • Utilizing empirical research of comparable business sales from Pratt’s Stats
  • Calculating the net proceeds for a seller

For more details on a confidential pricing analysis, contact us at (775) 825-3948 or drop us a line.

Do you require litigation support (Divorce, Partnership Dispute, Bankruptcy, etc.) or business planning support (Buy Sell Agreement, Tax Issues, Recapitalization or Merger and Acquisition Analysis, etc.?)

The Liberty Group of Nevada, Inc., works closely with Excelsis Accounting Group (EAG) a Reno based Full-Service Accounting, Consulting, Tax and Business Valuation Firm.

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