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Our People
Our licensed business brokers are professionals with a wide array of experience. Our team often lends their expertise by being asked to present at local Rotary Clubs, the University of Nevada, Reno, various trade organizations, law and accounting offices, etc. Our team is composed of respected professionals, with many connections in the local community, working on behalf of and seeking successful outcomes for each client.

Industry Experience
Our team has experience with transactions in almost every industry, providing the confidence to our clients that we can assist even the most unique business transactions. We understand that each industry has specific components that need to be cultivated and handled properly and correctly.

Mergers and Acquisitions
We are able to provide expert M&A services to privately held, mid-sized companies. This offers our clients an unmatched depth of experience and your business being confidentially exposed to our network of corporate strategic buyers, private equity groups, and high net worth individuals.

Inventory of Listings
We have the largest inventory of leading businesses for sale in Northern Nevada. The benefit to our clients is similar to why successful retailers want to be in shopping centers – more foot traffic – which in this case means more buyers seeing your business listing.


We understand the importance of marketing in our line of work, and yours. Our website is designed to not only confidentially disclose information about our business listings, but also provide pertinent information about Northern Nevada, SBA Financing, FAQ’s, etc. We advertise in all the major business for sale websites, some with global reach. Our online presence and marketing efforts, along with our comprehensive website, work together to expose your business listing to more potential buyers, generating leads from thousands.

Confidential Pricing Analysis and Market Research
Our goal is to assist our clients in making their business attractive to buyers, while offering accurate data and correct and appropriate pricing. To do so, we utilize a leading proprietary Confidential Pricing Analysis which uses empirical data to make pricing and transactional recommendations based on industry trends. We have twice been awarded DealStats Hall of Fame Awards for the number of transactions we have brokered, allowing us access to DealStats database of sold businesses by SIC and NAICS categories.

Value Builder System
Value Builder System evaluates a business on eight core value drivers buyers take into consideration when buying a business. We believe that all business owners should begin positioning their business to be sellable 3-5 years before a sale. Value Builder Consulting offers a comprehensive assessment of the “sellability” of your business and tangible recommendations on how to improve its value.


Monthly Buyer Communications
Every month we distribute two e-newsletters to our large database of qualified buyers, communicating industry information, advice and featured listings. This regular and consistent communication ensures that a blind profile of your business will be sent to all of our contacts once a month.

Financing Options and SBA Financing
We provide an easy-to-use link for prospective buyers to learn how to purchase a business with retirement funds without taking a distribution or incurring penalties. This option offers the benefit of a larger pool of financially qualified buyers looking at your business listing.


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