The Liberty Group of Nevada, Inc., is proud of our reputation and our dedication to provide our clients with outstanding customer service. Please browse through the following letters from previous clients to learn more about us.

“The Liberty Group is very knowledgeable, and we had an excellent experience. We loved the attention and the care that Kathryn gave us in buying our restaurant. If you are looking to purchase a business, they are the best on the field.”

Remon Zamalis
RCDC Restaurant Group LLC

“I know that I may not be the easiest to work with but The Liberty Group of Nevada, Inc., was great to work with and stuck with me. They provided assistance in overcoming any challenges I was experiencing, were able to adapt and change course as the transaction progressed and were very responsive and attentive. Whether I had questions or concerns, they provided honest insight and helped with all of them. I highly recommend The Liberty Group of Nevada, Inc.”

Graciela Aguilar
Former Owner
John’s Spring Service and Ornamental Iron Inc.

“… you were very professional, detail-oriented, and confidential in all of our dealings with each other.”

Ken Dillon
D and D Sheet Metal, Inc.

“… your efforts and persistance paid off for the both of us. While it may have taken over one year to find the right business for me, in the end it was well worth the wait.”

Michael Laub
Capital Drywall

“… I personally appreciated your trustworthiness, attention to details and willingness to make the deal happen.”

Marty Giudici
American Ready-Mix

“… the effort you put forth to help us throughout the whole buying process was unexpected, way beyond the call of duty and very much appreciated. Your customer service was second to none!

Blanca and Gary Brent
Kings Row Residence

“… we own a number of other UPS Franchises throughout the U.S. and have not come across a Business Broker as diligent as you have been.”

Asim and Esha Husain
Carson City UPS

“… I have bought about a dozen different businesses over the years and worked with multiple Agents from several states. Never have I had the priveledge of working with any better Agents.”

Don Edmundson
Cal-Nevada Enterprises

“… your firm proved to be very organized, detail-oriented and able to perform at an exceptional pace.”

Bryan Holt
Reliable Services

“… you have been very thorough and creative throughout the whole transaction. The effort you put forth in dealing with the Landlord is very much appreciated.”

Nick Heathman
Meineke Car Care Center

“… your willingness to get involved every step of the way was quite impressive and your customer service was second to none.”

Andrea Guildemond
Urban Angels Salon

“… the effort you put forth to help us throughout the whole buying process has been great, and very much appreciated.”

Tom and Tina Baumbach
Milne Towing

“… I was living in Chile and looking to move back to the United States… was one of the key factors that allowed me to fulfill my dream and purchase Parent Teacher Aids.”

Andrew Jeross
Parent Teacher Aids

“… we were very impressed with how you dealt with the complexities of the transaction and the personalities involved.”

Brian Hunt and Erin Myrmel,
Roof Crafters

“… your help in negotiating the business purchase as well as franchise transfer was appreciated.”

Dave Giordano
Color Glo of Northern Nevada

“… Im so glad that I took your call about this opportunity. Throughout the whole process, your commitment to my satisfaction was very comforting!”

Zion Finck,
Floppys Computer Store

“… had it not been for your willingness to work late and go the extra mile in working through our difficult closing situation, we are certain our deal would not have been completed to ours and the seller’s satisfaction.”

Mikkel Dybvig
3rd Street

“… though I have bought and sold other companies in the past, I found your professionalism to be “Top Shelf” from start to finish.”

Clay Ghiringhelli
Motor Sheep

“… the effort you put forth to help us from written Offer to the close of Escrow stage was quite commendable and very much appreciated.”

Jonathan and Teresa Aragon
Sugar Pine Bakery

“… well, you’ve done it again! For the second time in the past few years, you’ve helped me buy a leading business of its kind. Both times you handled the process diligently and effectively.”

Jim Clement
Sierra Telephone Systems

“… I thought this business would be a good opportunity to add to the other three that I have purchased through your company.”

Richard Ross
Business Computer Rentals

“… I especially was grateful for how you got us pointed in the right direction in regards to educating and walking us through the necessary steps to complete this transaction.”

Kayleen Boudreau
The Cake and Flower Shoppe

“… I was so thoroughly impressed with what you showed me that I not only bought one business, I bought two!”

Ted Geary
Natrona Technologies

“…as someone who wasn’t from the northern Nevada area, I found the process that you employed from Offer to Purchase through the close of Escrow was very thorough and made for a successful experience.”

Mike Hoekstra
Bay Swiss Manufacturing

“… your commitment to our satisfaction throughout the whole buying process was very comforting.”

Charlene Batastini and Tomothy Triantafillou
Computers of Reno

“… the effort you put forth to help me find a good Franchise, as well as all your help in satisfying the landlord is appreciated.”

Sheri Strawn
Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake

“… your diligence, personality and the processes you and your staff employed helped facilitate my purchase.”

Jennifer Butler
Champion Electric, Inc.

“… considering my core business is in San Diego, the process that you employed helped facilitate the long-distance transaction.”

John Haskett
The Pallet Depot

“… in our book, you have a track record of one of the greats, and we’ll be glad to relay that any time you would like a reference.”

Buzz and Julia Lynn
Norstate Distributors

“… the time you put forth to help me navigate through the SBA process was especially appreciated.”

Gerry Williams
Pet Chef

“… as a first time buyer, it was welcoming to know that you and your company were there to help me walk through the paperwork and all the different agencies.”

Nick Heathman
Alturas Bar and Nightclub

“… I appreciated how you helped me navigate through the processes involved in buying a business. All through this journey, I always felt that you were at my side supporting my efforts.”

Mike Epsteyn and Steve Rabenstine
G & R Pest Control

“… I found you to be very forthcoming, informative, willing to help and sincere in our dealings.”

Larry Flanagan
The Sign Service

“… your customer service was second to none, which was especially impressive considering I was located in another State.”

Chris Holland
Carson City Towing

“… upon learning a little bit more about us, you directed us to the perfect business.”

Anthony Barone and Michael Barone
Walden’s Coffee House

“… the professionalism with which our transaction was handled was extraordinary.”

Janice Hermsen
LRP Printing

“… the effort you put forth to help me throughout the whole buying process was quite exemplary and very much appreciated.”

Gurpreet Singh
The Carson Country Market

“… how you addressed all my concerns, some I didn’t even ask, was very much appreciated.”

Sue Councilman
Mobility Sales

“… I appreciated how you worked with my Accountant in securing the necessary information allowing me to make an informed decision.”

Ron Ratto
Pacific Coast Auto Parts

“… as Buyers who tried working with other Brokers, we were very impressed with how you got us pointed in the right direction.”

Brett Edmunds and Mark Bader
The Embroidery Doctor

“… as first time buyers, we were very appreciative of how you walked us through all the various stages to ensure a successful and timely close of Escrow.”

Glenn and Pim Marshall
Fresh Creations

“… your help in facilitating the business purchase as well as the transfer of the franchise was appreciated.”

Megan Day
Curves – Kauai Court

“… the effort you put forth to help us throughout the whole buying process has been great.”

Hanna Rodgers
Centurion Publishing

“… the time you put forth to help me find the right business was very much appreciated.”

Kenneth Tretheway
Caughlin Pack-N-Ship

“… your commitment to my satisfaction throughout the whole buying process was very comforting.”

Kai Howard
Reno Poop 911

“… the time you put forth to help us understand the process of buying this business was unexpected, very helpful and very much appreciated.”

Dave and Anita Curtis
Road Runner Cafe

“… your professionalism and follow-up, even when I was in North Carolina for training helped facilitate the process.”

Matt Elwing
Meineke Car Care

“… the effort you put forth to expedite the sales process was appreciated. Your customer service was second to none.”

Bobby Starbard
Brook Avenue Grill

“… this is the second business that I’ve purchased from you and I appreciate all your hard work.”

Richard Ross
Starcade Inc.

“… as a buyer whose second language is English, I appreciated how you took time to make sure that I understood things.”

Jose Bonilla
Big Ed’s Alley Inn

“… the effort you put forth to help me wade through the challenges associated with the Franchisor was appreciated.”

Vince Fravicciordi

“… your assistance with introducing me to the SBA process helped the deal come together.”

Darren Vila
Hanson Overhead Garage Door

“… I appreciate all the help you offered and would recommend you and your company’s services to other prospective business buyers.”

Zak Gilbert
The Bagel Stand

“… as a first time buyer, I found you to be very honest, upfront and sincere in all of our dealings.”

Jeff Pisciotta
Rock N “B” Laundramat

“… all your help maneuvering with the seller, the franchisor, potential lenders, the Escrow Officer, etc. was very helpful. We could never have done this without you.”

Kevin and Tamara Denney
Pressed 4 Time

“… the effort you put forth to help me find an SBA lender was appreciated, as well as all your help negotiating the purchase. Along with all the other assistance that was given along the way, we could not have done it all without you.

Paul and Heidi Moore
Papa Murphys Take and Bake Pizza

“… we especially appreciated how you helped us secure financing for the purchase with two different lenders.”

Michael and Wendi Olsen
AA Affordable Carpet Cleaning

“… the effort you put forth to help guide me through the SBA process was appreciated.”

Cristen Bridges
Express Cuts and Tans

“… I appreciated your honesty, follow-up and especially your patience. Based on this experience, I’d like you to start looking for another opportunity for me.”

Russ Knapp
A-1 Antifreeze Recycling

“… the effort you put forth to help me secure the necessary financing is very appreciated.”

Nick Cresci
Bouncing Around

“… during the purchase, I faced many hurdles. You helped me remove liens, contingencies, and helped me with negotiations throughout the deal.”

Dave Meares

“… we especially appreciated the human element you brought to the transaction. We really enjoyed working with you.”

Paul and Paulina Rodgers
Sage Machine

“… you did a great job of developing a creative approach to help me overcome the financial hurdles which enabled me to buy a much larger business than I would have been able to otherwise.”

Joseph Barmore
Decorative Concrete

“… when we first met almost 5 years ago, I was a little apprehensive of your process. Over the time I have worked with you, I became very comfortable with you and your procedures.”

Kevin Ward
Laser Plus Services

“… I appreciate all the help you offered and would recommend you and your company’s services to other prospective business buyers.”

Paul Crucitti
The Back of the House

“… the effort you put forth to help me wade through the challenges associated with my purchase was appreciated.”

Eric Reid
American Furniture

“… thank you for your fantastic service and all your assistance in our recent purchase of the Plantworks assets. You proved to be extremely reliable and trustworthy in all of our dealings.”

John A. Barnhart
Plantworks, LLC

“… as a first time buyer, I appreciated how you helped facilitate me getting the necessary SBA funding to consummate the deal.”

Steve Amos
Johnson Plumbing

“… your efforts to keep us informed, the timely responses to our requests and your business selling experience made the process efficient and effective.”

Derik and Barbi Mooberry
The Postal Depot

“… you were very helpful in walking me through the transaction, especially since I was living out-of-state at the time.”

Jim Clement
Data-Tech Communications

“… thanks also for your honesty. Presenting both sides of some of the issues we asked about can be very delicate, but you pulled it off time after time.”

Gary Harmon
General Nutrition Center

“… being first time buyers, we were very pleased with how you helped us navigate through all the documents and steps necessary to make this acquisition.”

Janelle Norris
Inizio Salon

“… The Liberty Group is the antithesis of what I envisioned as a business brokerage… friendly and knowledgeable. Our business relationship evolved into a trusting friendship.”

Mary and Brian Kilgore
A Beautiful Bride and Tuxedo

“… thank your for helping us to realize our dream… and for all the time you put into this on our behalf.”

Mike and Leslie Schyving
Meineke Car Care

“… I have already started recommending you to some of the local business owners I have come into contact with.”

Neal McCarthy
Express Smog Check

“… we came all the way from Idaho to buy this business and as a result, we had to count on you for a lot of assistance, information and help. And you did not disappoint!”

Jacqueline and Michael Burk
Park Place Cleaners

“… I love my new business – thanks for everything.”

Kathryn Forshey
Recognition Engraving

“… as a buyer who was located in another city 400 miles away, I appreciated how you and your office were very helpful in making us feel a lot closer.”

Richard J. Moore
RJM Jewelry, Inc.

“… you worked each day, including early morning and late night hours, to get the deal closed.”

Mikel Lopategui
The Postal Depot

“… the insights you provided helped in our decision making process and in our understanding of how the transaction process works.”

David and Chantal Hendriks
Plantworks and Plant People

“… I just wanted to thank you for a job well-done. You showed me three qualities that are very importnant to me, honesty, integrity and patience.”

Steve Hayes
Carbide Saw Sharpening

“… I originally had some misgivings about dealing with a business broker…. you put that all to rest and I would use you again.”

Richard Ross
Palletech, Inc.

“… you knew when and where to get involved to help facilitate consensus on some of the issues that arose during our escrow.”

Lance and Karen Bell
Marketec Incorporated

“… I am impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and interpersonal skills you and your staff displayed during each phase of the process.”

Matt LaVoy
LaBeeg Building Services

“… we would recommend you to other prospective Buyers.”

Terry Bohl
Silver Fox Graphics, LLC

“… you and your staff were very confidential, professional and honest throughout the whole process.”

John P. Mack
Dunn-Rite Seamless Rain Gutter

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