Is a Small Business Loan Right for you?


“Is an SBA Loan Right for You?”


Are you looking to expand or grow your small business? Or are you just getting started and looking to open up your own small business? Financing options can often appear daunting and inaccessible at first. Sure, you might have some self-funding or investor options, but what if those still aren’t enough given your own unique business goals?

An SBA loan helps both new and established businesses get started and grow. They are loans partially guaranteed by the government. The Small Business Administration (SBA) sets the guidelines and allows small businesses easier access to funding. Getting funding from an SBA program is an effective way to ensure your business succeeds. The SBA program is protected, has fixed interest rates, and can be over a period of 20 years–making them a truly viable option for so many future and current small business owners.

How do I know if an SBA Loan is right for me?

You might consider this route if you are looking to:

  • Start or grow a business
  • Buy a franchise
  • Renovate or acquire some commercial real estate
  • Purchase inventory or equipment for your business

If you fall under any of those categories, then looking into an SBA loan for your business can be a great move in the right direction! If you’re still needing more information, then consider the great benefits that an SBA loan can provide, especially if self-funding isn’t really an option for you.

What are the benefits of getting an SBA Loan?

  • Easier loan qualifications: it’s generally easier to qualify for an SBA loan than other kinds of loans, so it expands financing to many more people.
  • Lower down payment requirements: down payments are usually typically lower than a more conventional loan, making it easier to get started if you don’t have a huge lump sum to help you get up and running or expand your current business.
  • Flexible Terms: competitive interest rates and longer maturity periods are more common with SBA loans which makes them more accessible to a wide-range of people.

All of these are important factors when deciding whether to grow your business or when you’re first getting started. It’s crucial to understand what your business needs when it comes to financing so that you get started on the right foot! Once you have a clear and guiding purpose for your business, applying for an SBA loan and working with loan officers gets easier and easier to navigate.

Identifying your budget at the beginning of the process can help you narrow down your business search. The folks at The Liberty Group are here to help you make a financial plan and apply for financing. If you’re ready to get started, please contact The Liberty Group today or visit our financing options on our website!

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