Rare Opportunity to Own a Tactical and Firearms Retail Store!
Reno, NV

This Tactical and Firearms retail business is well known for their knowledgeable and generously helpful staff, which has created a loyal customer base. Many satisfied customers on various reviews have mentioned their great experience at the store and their amazement in finding exactly what they need. The meticulous retail space is located in a high traffic area locationally favorable to the many locals here in Northern Nevada, as well as the many California customers who visit the area” This retail business has many competitive advantages — including their own lines of target systems and body armor, customized gun builds, gun smithing, and firearms education. The business has an established rapport with dealers ensuring the business with hard-to-find inventory, which separates them from most competitors. Growth opportunities include offering concealed carry classes (CCW training), first aid classes, and gun building classes. With nothing but positive reviews and many competitive advantages, this business has high potential to continue to thrive.

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