Brad Bottoset featured in the Northern Nevada Business View

Owner Brad Bottoset was featured in the Northern Nevada Business View to discuss first-time business owners stepping to the plate in Northern Nevada. In the article, Bottoset shares his experience with brokering business transactions including the new ownership of The Frame Shop At Lakeside.

“We have never been as busy as we are now,” Bottoset says.

Bottoset has brokered business transactions for the past two decades, including 19 at the helm of Liberty Group. Many recent sales are driven by Baby Boomers who are aging out of the workforce. Some missed their window of opportunity back in the frothy days of 2004-’05 when the economy last had legs, and they aren’t about to miss their chance this time around, Bottoset says.

“It created a situation where they were working twice as hard for half the money, but they couldn’t sell because they didn’t have a whole lot of cash flow – they were stuck,” he says. “As the economy improved, they are making money again and now have something to sell. They don’t want to make the same mistake twice.”

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